Penin​sula Counselling Solutions

 About GP Mental Health Plans

The government currently does not offer Counsellors access as yet to Medicare rebates for the sessions that can be granted as part of the GP Management Plans (via referral to Psychologists through a Doctor). Peninsula Counselling Solutions offers a Consultation Fee ($90) however, which is the minimum general out of pocket expense that you will likely pay even with the Medicare Rebate for Mental Health Plans or Private Health Insurance rebate.

After the initial sessions you have as part of the GP Mental Health Plan for Psychology or Psychiatry appointments, consultation fees can be charged at an average of $150 - $250 per hour depending on when and where you go.

Our consultation fee is always the same ($90) to make it as affordable and accessible to you as possible to get the support you need for as long as you need it.

We also do not require a referral from your Doctor to see our Counsellor.